Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Navy Seals Take Out 3 Pirates at Once

Back in April 2010 The Container Ship Maersk Alabama was Boarded by

Pirates. The Pirates kidnapped the Captain and took him off the Ship and onto

a Lifeboat they Stole from the Ship Alabama.

The US Navy had Navy Seals Parachute from a C - 130 Hercules into the

Indian Ocean where they were Picked Up by Naval Ships. 3 of the Seals were

Snipers. After 4 Days and Fearing The Captains Life was in Grave Danger the

Navy Seals Snipers were given the Go Ahead. In True Marksmanship Style

the Snipers Aimed at One Pirate Each and Killed all 3 at the Same Time !!

The Captain was Rescued. The Seals had done their Jobs Again.

Thank God For Our Brave Military.

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