Sunday, February 27, 2011

The US Army Have Some Great Military Equipment To Work With :

Like The M - 1 Abrams Tank, Apache Helicopters, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Numerous Firearms.

M - 16, M - 14, 45 Pistol, 50 and 60 Caliber Machine Guns and Rifles. And Alot More.

ie., The Chinook Helicopter, 155 Howlizer, Humvee's and So Much More.

No Other Country Can Match Up Against The US Army. Bar None.

Not China Nor Russia ...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The US NAVY and Several Other Countries Navys are Combating Piracy. In the Indian Ocean.

When President Ronald Reagan asked, " Where are My Carriers. " Every President since has asked the same thing, " Where are My Carriers Whenever say N. Korea starts causing Problems. "

We send over A Carrier Battle Group and no more Problems.

( most any dictator will cease causing problems when he see's
a carrier off his coast. history shows this to be the case. )

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Ol' Glory & Ol' Navy


The Navy did All it Could To Save Them Poor Americans on That Yacht. I Hope Them Pirates are Tried in The USA !!

God Bless Their Souls and The Navy Seals

For Trying To Save Them.  Amen

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The US Navy Aircraft Carriers are a Vital Part of Our Nations Defense. Anytime there is a Problem in Say, N. Korea, We Send Over a Carrier Battle Group or Two. Case Closed.

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The American Military Machine

Our Military here in the USA is Second to None.

If This Wasn't true, we'ed all be Speaking German and / or

Japaness if Our Military was Weak. Thank God for Our

Brave Men and Women Then ( WWII ) and Today.

The US Navy is the Worlds Largest Naval Force. And without

any doubt The Worlds Strongest. With it's Carrier Battle Groups

and Submarines The US Navy has No Problem Projecting Power.

Presidents since Ronald Reagan always say The Same Phase,

" Where are my Carriers, " when Trouble Starts Some Where

 in The World.  

The US Army also is Second to None.

The Marine Corp.'s Have No Rivals.

And The US Air Force Speaks for Itself.

Bar None, No Other Country can Match The US

Military Machine. Not even China nor Russia.

Thank The Lord for Our Brave Men and Women !!


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